Ask the Experts: Will my iWeb Site have Search Engine Ranking Problems?

by Jennifer Grappone on November 16, 2009

Q: I am a small photography business with no technical expertise. I started building my photo portfolio website in iWeb, but someone told me that an iWeb site would never have any ranks in Google. Is this true?

A: iWeb sites in their default format can have huge flaws that could severely hamper the search engines’ ability to index and rank them nicely. For example, the program might put blocks of text into graphics rather than search-engine-readable text, or it may not give each individual page a unique HTML page title. These flaws can be at least partly overcome with an SEO add-on called Rage’s iWeb SEO tool.

If you’re not wed to the iWeb idea, we suggest using a blog authoring tool instead. WordPress is great for non-technical folks and there are many free templates (called “themes”) available. Visit WordPress to choose a template that will meet your design needs and also set the site up with good search engine optimization without a lot of heavy lifting.


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