Five Stars: Putting Online Reviews to Work for Your Business

Five Stars is the smart business’ guide to online reviews.

Five StarsReleased January 2014: A how-to book for marketers and business owners.  Available now on Amazon (print or Kindle).

And don’t miss the teaser e-book, based on an excerpt from the full edition: Yelp for Business

From Yelp to Google to e-commerce websites, online reviews have the power to attract new customers and encourage sales. With this comprehensive, hands-on guide, you’ll quickly get up to speed on the tools, tactics and techniques to cultivate positive reviews, show them off, and learn from customer feedback to improve your business. You’ll also learn the most effective methods for dealing with negative reviews, so that you can view them as an opportunity, not a catastrophe. With greater visibility and better control of your online reputation, you can finally let your reviews drive success for your business!

  • Get inside the heads of reviewers and understand what triggers positive and negative reviews
  • Harness customer insights by monitoring feedback and learning from your reviews
  • Follow key steps to bring in more positive reviews and prevent negative ones
  • Create a successful action plan utilizing best practices and need-to-know tips
  • Turn negative reviews into marketing opportunities with strategic responses
  • Show off your positive reviews to ensure that they’re found
  • Maintain momentum to continue to bring in new customers

Buy it now on Amazon (print or Kindle).

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