Google is constantly making enhancements to its search landscape. Just recently, Google Posts were rolled out at the local level. This new feature allows local businesses and brands to post timely updates and news about their products, services, and events to Google Search (within the Knowledge Panel) and Maps. Here’s an example of what a Google Post looks like:

Sample Google Post in Knowledge Graph

In the past, this feature was only available to a small number of celebrities, movie studios, museums, sports teams and leagues. As of June 22, 2017, Google Posts were expanded to include any local business owner or user with access to Google My Business.

How Can You Make Google Posts Work for Your Business?

  • Share promotions, specials, announcements, or news.
  • Promote upcoming events at your business.
  • Showcase your products or services.
  • Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter, make reservations, buy products from your website, or learn more about your company.

How Do You Create Your First Google Post?

  • Log in to your Google My Business
  • If you have more than one location, scroll through your list and click “Manage Location” for the store you’d like to manage.
  • Click “Posts” from the main menu.
  • A ‘Create Post’ screen will appear. You’ll be given several options for your post (i.e. upload an image, write text, add event, add call to action buttons). Here’s what the interface looks like:

Screenshot of Google Posts Interface

  • Once you’ve entered your relevant information, hit “Preview” to preview the Post. If everything looks good, hit “Publish.”
  • Your Post should appear within Google Search and Maps within a few moments.

Google Posts expire seven days after they’ve been posted. Events are the exception to this rule. If you choose an “end date” for an event that’s past the seven-day point, then the post will remain live until the end date has passed.

Any Tips for Succeeding at Google Posts?

  • Posts can have up to 1,500 characters. However, only a preview is visible in search (usually only the first 100 characters). Put your best content first so people will click through to read the rest of your Post.
  • Choose an eye-catching image for your Post. Make sure it’s clear, well-lit, and reinforces your message. At minimum, Google recommends a resolution of 720px tall by 720px wide.
  • Always add a call to action button to drive engagement with your Posts. You can even add a UTM code to the URL to track any click activity to your site.
  • If you’re selling a product or highlighting a promotion, be precise and include any instructions or restrictions (i.e. $50 off a purchase of $100 or more).
  • Be authentic. Speak in the voice that represents your company.

Google Posts are an excellent way to take advantage of your local search space. For more information about this new feature, visit the Google My Business Help Center.


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Google Trends Shows 2017 Eclipse Path of Totality

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Rarely do we see a Google Trends geographic detail that is as cool as this one. Google Trends is showing that the number of people searching for information about the 2017 eclipse closely matches the path of totality over the United States:

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Remember, kids: never, ever look at the sun without eclipse glasses (no, dark sunglasses aren’t enough).



We’ve been helping customers improve their search engine ranks and conversion rates for over a decade. We consult on SEO and social media for major brands, one-person shops, and everything in between. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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