You’re investing a lot into your marketing efforts. We’ll help you maximize your investment.

Gravity helps companies get in front of targeted searchers who become customers:

  • identify what your high-value audiences are searching for
  • tie audience search activity to your sales funnel or other goals
  • craft an effective conversion path that starts with your presence in Google

And if the opportunity is low and the challenges are high, we’ll tell you that from the start, so you can dedicate your resources accordingly.

Every brand needs a full understanding of the search results for its brand or product name. Gravity works to answer the important questions: Who can see this? Where did it come from? How do we improve it? How can we generate more of the good stuff? We’ll work with you to maximize your ownership of this crucial search engine real estate.
Gravity excels at identifying and fixing complex technical SEO problems. We’ve solved SEO problems involving e-commerce, mobile search, CMS platform customization, site structure, analytics attribution, Schema tag integration, international targeting, and the challenges of making a modern site search-friendly. We’re comfortable with platforms like Drupal, Tumblr, Hubspot and WordPress. We know how to communicate with your developers in language they understand, with collaborative troubleshooting, workarounds, and follow-up to make sure problems get solved.
Gravity creates and manages advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Facebook. We help can help you identify a realistic budget and the right tools and services for reaching your target audience. We provide meaningful, customized reporting that focuses on your top performance metrics.
SEO considerations should inform all of your content marketing efforts, including your choice of what content to create and where to put it. We help you identify and optimize content that will appeal to and attract your high-value audience. We can provide trainings, style guides, or support in whatever form is needed to integrate SEO best practices into your content development process. Whether your content marketing is in full swing or still in the planning stages, Gravity can offer helpful guidance.
Gravity can help with the big picture (How do we use social media? Which venue is right for us? What should we talk about?) or the details (Why do our Facebook shares look funny? Are we tracking our social media traffic properly?). We can develop your social media strategy for you, or work with your social media team to improve it. With years of experience consulting for entertainment industry clients, we are specialists in YouTube optimization.
SEO should be incorporated into your entire website, from the technical design to the text on the page. Gravity can help you reduce the risk of lost traffic and search engine ranks, which is a common problem with website redesigns. We work with your developers, content creators, and marketers to make your new site a compelling destination for your desired audience. Learn more about Gravity’s Site Redesign SEO Services
With Gravity you will always know what we’re doing and what impact it is having. Our reporting will help you understand what’s working, what requires rethinking, and where to focus efforts for best results. All reports include key metrics and are supplemented by written analysis and discussion of next steps.

We’ve been helping customers improve their search engine presence for over a decade.  We consult for major brands, one-person shops, and everything in between. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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