How to Link Your Google+ Brand Page to Your Website

by Tiffany Current on May 15, 2015

Even if you don’t put a lot of effort into updating your Google+ Brand page, it’s a good idea to link your Google+ page to your website. It won’t magically improve your Google ranks. But it helps strengthen Google’s understanding of your brand, which may improve your branded search results. It also helps you connect with your friends, fans, and customers by offering a prominent path to your website from your G+ page.

Google+ verification checkmark

To Link Your Google+ Page via Webmaster Tools:

Until very recently, it was possible to directly link your website to your Google+ page by inserting the rel=”publisher” code on your website. This is no longer possible. You can only link your website via Webmaster Tools.

1. Your website must be verified in Google Webmaster Tools. The verified Webmaster Tools account owner does not need to be the same account you use to administer your Google+ page, but it helps. If your site is not verified in Webmaster Tools, follow the instructions found here. Once your website has been verified, move on to the next step.

2. Log into your Google+ Brand page.

3. From your Brand page’s dashboard, select “My Business”from the left hand navigation menu and choose “Google+ Page” in the drop down.

Google+ Page Menu option

4. On the ‘About’ tab, click the “Link website” button next to your website URL.

Google Plus linking website box

  • If you are the verified website owner in Google Webmaster Tools, your link will automatically be approved and you will see a checkmark next to your website URL on your page’s profile.
  • If you are not the verified website owner, you will need to click “send request” to send an email to the webmaster to approve the link. Once the webmaster has approved the link in Webmaster Tools, you will receive an email and see a checkmark next to your website URL on your page’s profile.

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