Templates & Worksheets

Here are the templates and worksheets for the 3rd edition of Search Engine Optimization: An Hour A Day.

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From Chapter 1, “Clarify Your Goals,” you’ll recall the Goals Worksheet, a Word document where you can record the specific goals of your organization.  Download: 3e-GoalsWorksheet.doc

In Chapter 6, “Your One-Month Prep: Keywords, Priorities, and Goals,” we introduced several worksheets to help you organize Your SEO Plan.  First off, there’s the Keywords Worksheet, an Excel spreadsheet where you can list possible target keywords for your website along with important measures that will help you finalize your top picks.  Download:3e-KeywordsWorksheet.xls

The Site Assessment Worksheet provides a checklist of factors to quickly assess the current optimization level of your website. Download: 3e-SiteAssessmentWorksheet.doc

The Rank and KPI Tracking Worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to document your website ranks and other performance indicators.  Download: 3e-Rank-KPI-Tracking-Worksheet.xls

You can use the Competition Worksheet to document the basic site optimization and search engine presence of your major competitors. Download: 3e-CompetitionWorksheet.xls

The SEO Growth Worksheet helps you assess your website’s potential. Download: 3e-SEOGrowth.doc

In Chapter 7, “Month One: Kick It Into Gear,” you started Your SEO Plan in earnest with basic site optimization and link building.  The Site Optimization Worksheet provides a template for detailing the edits to be made on your site.  Download: 3e-SiteOptimizationWorksheet.doc

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