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Do you want your site to be the one that gets shared on Facebook?  It doesn’t happen by accident.  Gravity can walk you into the social media marketplace step-by-step.

Gravity’s Social Marketing Services are built on the premise that there are no tricks for success.  For best results, you’ll need to be committed and involved. You may even have to open your mind to communicating with customers in a new way.  We’ll help you develop a social marketing strategy that has been carefully thought out, researched, and planned, and then work with you to follow it through.


With your help, we first get a strong understanding of your offline and online marketing strategies, your products and services, and your customers’ “pain points.” We gain an understanding of your team, including who, if anyone, in your organization has been acting as the social media implementer, who to contact if we should notice any PR red-flags during our monitoring activities, and which people or departments need to sign off on our proposed strategies and the content of our ongoing outreach.

We then review the social space to understand how your competitors are using social media effectively, and we identify attributes of top priority targets. With this understanding in place, we develop and deliver a prioritized monitoring and outreach strategy, as well as process maps.


Every company has its own comfort level with social media marketing practices, for example, issues of overt or covert identity, use of language, whether content should be reviewed prior to publishing, and so on. While social media marketing is often spontaneous, it should never be capricious, so we take the time to help you identify important guidelines and formulate them into a social media policy for your company.


Depending on the specifics of our strategy and the hours allotted, we can perform any of the following activities:

  • Facebook: Page creation or improvement to existing page. Writing/posting status updates. Setting up and publicizing contests, promotions, incentives, or other Facebook features for achieving a larger targeted following. Technical guidance for implementing share features on your site. Setup, maintenance, and reporting of Facebook advertising campaign.
  • Twitter: Writing/posting status updates. Identifying and communicating with influencers. Monitoring influencers and keyword usage to identify strategic hashtag usage, ways to enter into conversations, and strategic retweets.
  • Blogs: On-site: Monitoring search trends, news, and online developments to identify topical subjects to blog about. As your comfort level dictates, drafting blog posts or providing suggestions for individual blog topics. Publicizing the blog on social sites. Moderating comments. SEO text optimization of blog posts and tags. SEO structural optimization recommendations for indexing. Off-site: Identifying targeted and/or influential bloggers to communicate with, either by posting topical comments or by direct outreach (such as offering free trials, or premiere access or logins).
  • Forums: On-site, suggesting ways to improve engagement, identifying hot topics and using these topics in our Twitter, Facebook, Blog, and Forum communications as appropriate. Off-site, identifying and responding to targeted posts.
  • Reviews: Setting up accounts for your top priority review sites, writing communications for use in email blasts, thank-you pages, and other venues to encourage customers to post reviews. Monitoring new reviews and recommending appropriate related action items.
  • Other venues: As strategy dictates, communicate or post on any of the following social venues: social news sites such as Digg and Reddit, social bookmarking sites such as, social video and image sharing sites such as Flickr and YouTube. Recommend activity in niche or up-and-coming social sites as appropriate.
  • Monitoring: Creating dashboards and processes to monitor mentions of your company, brand, or VIP(s), analyzing sentiment and responding as policy allows, or providing you with recommended follow-up action items for tasks that fall outside of the established policy.
  • Recommendations for related assets: Providing recommendations to your developer and/or designer (in-house or outsourced) as appropriate to implement recommended features on your site (for example, share buttons, contests, or “bubbling up” blog posts on non-blog portions of the site). Providing recommendations for elements, such as graphics or badges for use on your profile pages or other off-site venues that will further your social marketing goals.


Customized monthly reports to document progress and assess ROI.  These reports may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Size of following
  • Twitter volume and sentiment regarding your brand
  • Engagement as measured off site (for example, the amount of interaction on your Facebook page), or on site (for example, time on site or number of pages viewed within your blog or community)
  • Social reach as measured by retweets, mentions, number of influencers following you, and similar metrics
  • Social-referred traffic
  • Social-driven revenue
  • Competitive review

We’ve been helping customers improve their search engine ranks and conversion rates for over a decade.  We consult for major brands, one-person shops, and everything in between. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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