Why Gravity is Different

A small, ethical SEO/SEM firm, deeply dedicated to our clients’ long-term success

We are not keyword optimizers. We are marketing strategists.

Gravity has expertise in technical SEO and paid search, as well as other disciplines including social media, conversion optimization, tracking and attribution, analysis, writing, and usability. We can combine SEO, SEM, and the mix of online marketing tactics that your site needs. Keyword optimization is only a small fraction of what we do.

We tailor our services to your team. Every business has a different staff, culture, and processes. You can trust us to form a productive partnership with your designer, developer, CEO, IT staff, writer, product manager, and anyone in the marketing department from the CMO to the summer intern.

We respect you enough to be honest with you. To be successful, we sometimes have to tell you difficult truths. For example, there may be no quick SEO wins for your website, or you may need to shift your focus to different efforts than you had in mind originally. Because our client relationships are built on a foundation of trust, we can get the hard work done together!

Our work is above-board, honest, and transparent. We are committed to transparency and ethical business practices.  Our data is defensible, our recommendations are well considered and informed, and our communication is clear. We do not pursue risky, unsustainable results or engage in spammy SEO practices.

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We’ve been helping customers improve their search engine presence for over a decade. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!