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A small, savvy SEO firm, deeply dedicated to our clients’ long-term success

Gravity Search Marketing LLC is a partnership between Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin, who have been working together in online marketing and web development for over 10 years. Couzin and Grappone co-wrote “Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day,” published by Wiley Press (2006, 2008, 2011) and “Five Stars: Putting Online Reviews to Work for Your Business” (Wiley, 2014).

Our mission is to provide intelligent, well-informed, and customized search engine optimization and social media consultation services to business clients.

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Our SEO techniques follow the highest standards of the industry, maintain compliance with search engines’ guidelines, and never put our clients at risk of any damage to their ranks or reputations.  Honesty, proactivity, transparency, risk aversion, and a “high-touch” level of communication are the mark of our services.

Who We Are

Jennifer Grappone, Los Angeles

Starting out as a writer/producer/director of industrial and corporate videos, Jennifer became a project manager for large-scale web development projects before working exclusively in SEO in 2000. Jennifer advocates a holistic approach to SEO and social media, one that combines elements of good writing, usability, search-friendly site design, and link building.

Gradiva Couzin, San Francisco

Gradiva has been working in search marketing since its early days in 1998. With a history as a civil engineer and experience in website and database development, Gradiva enjoys the technical side of SEO and social media, and loves to facilitate communication between techie and non-techie types. Gradiva works closely with client teams to ensure that SEO best practices are integrated into all web development processes.

Couzin & Grappone are joined by a small team of research and reporting specialists.

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We’ve been helping customers improve their search engine ranks and conversion rates for over a decade.  We consult for major brands, one-person shops, and everything in between. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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